Anschtecka Backpacks

These handmade backpacks by Anschtecka are functional sculptures made from all reclaimed materials, things that were once another. Each backpack has a history and tells a story through the careful pairings of materials old and found. These backpacks are beautiful reminders that we can breathe life into abandoned things with a little love and care. Each backpack is carefully made by hand so no two are ever alike.

The Floral Flock Backpack is made from salvaged fabric & textiles, and collected used buttons from a flea market in Berlin. It has button and zipper closures.
Measures 19" from top to bottom x 12" across
Straps extend up to 20" & adjust with button closures

The Umbrella Backpack is made from an umbrella, salvaged fabric & textiles, and collected used buttons. Features button closures and snap closures on small front pocket.
Measures 20" from top to bottom x 11" across.
Straps extend up to 28" and adjust with button closures.

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